Detransition Resources

Canterbury Trans Network position statement on detransition:


There is an increasing awareness that some people seek to halt, change , or reverse their gender transition. This can be loosely understood as a “detransition”, although the term is not formally defined. Those who use it may mean quite different things. It could mean:


A person who makes these changes may sometimes refer to themselves as a ‘detransitioner’ or ‘detrans’.   


There are many reasons why a person might take this pathway, including: 

It may be the case for some trans folk that experimenting with detransitioning is a valid part of their journey that allows them the opportunity to gain confirmation of their identity.

We at the Canterbury Trans Network state our support for everyone’s gender journey regardless of where they are along their pathway, and regardless of any change to their direction of travel. 

We accept that gender identity is not always fixed for some people, and that changes over a person’s life course can and do occur.  

We accept that a person’s detransition is always valid regardless of their reasons or factors that influence their decision. 

We will always welcome and support all who attend our groups and participate in our events.