Questioning your Gender

It's okay to ask

And it's okay for the answer to be "Actually, I'm okay with the gender I was born with". But if you're here, there's a real chance that you're one of the 0.5% of the population who answer differently. And that is okay too.

Am I Trans enough?

Yes. You are.

"Being transgender" is an umbrella term that encompasses a very wide range of identities. If you feel like it applies to you, you can use it.

What does being trans feel like?

There's no one single experience that sums it up. It is different for everyone. Spin the wheel and see how you feel being told you're one thing or another. 

If you like what you get, that's gender affirmation (Euphoria). If you don't, that's incongruence. If you reject the whole concept of spinning a wheel to determine your gender, you're catching on.

Did I wait too long?

No, there's no maximum age to begin your transition. 

What does transition look like?

Every transgender person's journey is different. Different time scales, different directions, different destinations. So there is no one real answer here, but a multitude. 

How do I get medical help?

Unfortunately the NHS is enormously underfunded, poorly managed, and systemically broken. 

Currently, there are Gender Identity Clinics across the country. The nearest one to Canterbury is in London. You can ask your GP for a referral, and then you'll be put on the waiting list. The waiting times are measured in years, instead of the "maximum 18 weeks" the NHS is supposed to achieve.