Be an Ally, Do Allyship

Allies can come from anywhere; the only thing they need to do is active allyship. In the most succinct terms, when we're talking about transgender issues, that means Do Something a Transphobe Would Not Do. 

  • A transphobe wouldn't put their pronouns in correspondence. 
  • A transphobe wouldn't wear a supportive pin
  • A transphobe wouldn't write to their MP in favour of better treatment of transgender people

I'm sure you get the idea, be creative. Don't be complacent.

Allyship isn't just for Cis people, trans people can be allies too.

Fight Transphobia

Why do transphobes and homophobes get to hide behind that suffix -phobia? They're not afraid, they're just full of hate.

Hate manifests in various ways, the most common is subtle prejudice. It is also one of the hardest forms of hate to battle.

Violence, by comparison is rare, easy to spot and I like to think most people would act against (by calling authorities, do not put yourself in danger).