GC arguments

Gender critical views relate to the belief that gender and sex are the same and immutable. You believe that people are born either male or female, and grow up to be men and women, respectively. 

You believe that laws, rules and policies that pertain to gender must take biological sex into account.

Openly, they want to "engage in discussion", and "have concerns" or "need more research" into ___ (Insert your own criteria on almost any topic).

That is the stance, the party line, the argument that transphobic people get to hide behind. Protected by freedom of belief and free speech.

I've been told by a G.C. person directly that, while they "don't have any issue with transgender people, it's the policies that are open to abuse. And of course, where something can be abused, it will be abused." That G.C. person seemed quite oblivious to the irony of transphobic, hate filled, people hiding behind their G.C. views.

Gender critical people's voices have grown louder in recent years. We have seen "concerns" raised in parliament, the media, online forums, and on the street. Beliefs upheld, and strong opinions amplified.

With the following, I hope to both speak to any G.C. people visiting this website, and also enable our community to defend themselves against these arguments.

G.C. View


Balanced View

Sex and gender are the same thing. 

If you were born male, that makes you a man. 

If you were born female, that makes you a woman.

Gender expression is a social construct

The way that someone sees themselves is a far more important consideration than what is in their underwear or their genetic code. 

Gender reassignment is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, in addition to and separate from sex.

There are two sexes. It's basic biology.

Male and female. Immutable from birth. No grey area, no transition.

Basic biology is an oversimplification

Sex and gender are the same thing. It's basic biology.

The protection of 

Sex and gender are the same thing. It's basic biology.

The protection of 

Sex and gender are the same thing. It's basic biology.

The protection of 

We need segregated safe spaces for women, children and minorities

The protection of 

Yes, safe spaces are very important

The Equality Act 2010