Canterbury Trans Network


We are a mutual aid network and social community open to Transgender, Non Binary, and Intersex (TNBI) adults (Over 18) and any adults questioning their gender identity. This also includes people considering or going through detransition. We are here to help, not to judge.

We offer a sober space serving tea, coffee, biscuits and occasionally cake. We understand that the LGBT scene can often be focused around alcohol, which can turn into a problem for some, but we may also occasionally have an event that does meet at a pub.

Coffee and cake

Our Aim

We're here to provide a safe space to support one another, make friends, and where appropriate, give advice.  You’re welcome to present in any gender role that is comfortable for you. No matter how you present, you will always be addressed with your preferred name and pronouns. 

Canterbury Trans Network Logo

How You Can Join Us

There is a wealth of information on our Facebook page, but we understand that Facebook can be an unwelcoming place for some people. That's one reason this website was created. We are also on Instagram, although we're the first to admit we need to post more frequently!

If you want to ask a direct question, you can always reach us via email.

Code of Conduct


Social Media Ground Rules

1. This is a support group; be respectful, especially when it comes to gender. 

2. Strong language, slurs, confrontation or undermining will not be tolerated.

3. Never share anything said here in confidence, this is a safe space.

4. Be careful with the use of sarcasm, humor, and memes. Some people won't get it.

5. Try to keep the conversation relevant to transgender issues. 

6. Please use trigger warnings for sensitive topics. Start your message with TW